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    Video Poker 2019

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    Free Video Poker – The Best Games and Strategies for 2019

    Ready to play our huge selection of free video poker games at VegasSlotsOnline?

    Whether you want to play purely for fun, or practice before playing for real money, we’ve got hundreds of free video poker games for you to enjoy. If you’re ready for real money video poker, check out the tips and tricks our experts offer that will set you on the path to becoming the ultimate video poker player, as well as our top sites that will let you keep your winnings.

    At VegasSlotsOnline, we’ve created this ultimate guide so you can get the best video poker experience no matter what you’re after. Here’s how this page can help you with all your video poker needs:

    • Our free lobby of online video poker games
    • All the video poker basics you need to know
    • How to play video poker and top strategy tips
    • Our list of the best real money video poker sites

    Our Free Video Poker Games Lobby – Updated for Dec, 2019

    Our experts review and test each video poker game on all devices, so that you can enjoy video poker games from the comfort of your own home, or on your mobile.

    Browse through our vast library of free online video poker games by the best providers like NetEnt, iSoftBet and Playtech. Here you can find hundreds of video poker games based on all the most popular variations of free video poker: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild poker, Double Bonus poker, Double Double Bonus video poker, and Joker Poker.

    Why Video Poker Is the Next Big Thing in Online Gambling

    Millions of players are choosing to take their poker game to an online casino. But what is video poker’s widespread popularity all about?

    If you enjoy playing strategic games – whether that's games like blackjack, poker, or chess – then you’ll find that video poker games are right up your alley. Not only that, but most machines offer some of the best odds to players who are willing to learn the best video poker strategy on each machine.

    What makes online video poker even more enticing is that it’s seen as an easy game to play. There are few rules to remember and only one round of decisions to make on each hand. Like any top casino game, it has a simple premise that’s enjoyable in practice.

    Here are the top reasons why players are going wild for video poker online:

    • The thrill factor of online poker is one of the top reasons why video poker games have become so popular with online gamblers. Online video poker gives you the fun of poker, without waiting for anyone to play their hand.

    • Having the option to play free video poker for fun or real money is another reason why so many online gamblers look for the best video poker sites on the market. Land-based casinos require you to wager money on all games, playing free online poker allows you to practice risk-free before deciding to risk any of your money.

    • Online video poker rules are straightforward, which makes it an easy game to play. There are few rules to remember in video poker and only one round of decisions to make on each hand.

    • Bonuses, promotions and jackpots offered by online casinos can make a huge difference to your game. When you sign up to the best video poker sites you can also benefit from some of the best bonus offers, including a no deposit bonus.

    What makes playing online video poker at a licensed online casino especially fun is that there are hundreds of varieties to choose from. These video poker games are made by top software providers like NetEnt, iSoftbet, PariPlay, BetSoft and many more, and can be played on all devices as free video slots and for real money. Also, video poker games run on RNG software, ensuring a cheat-free experience. And if you sign up to one of the best video poker sites we recommend, you can enjoy online video poker in a safe and trustworthy environment.

    How to Play Video Poker: The Basic Guide

    At first, playing poker with an online machine can seem intimidating, but once you become familiar with video poker games, you’ll find they’re easy to play. Here are the top three facts you to know before you play video poker:

    • Online video poker uses a 52-card deck. The first thing you should know is that just like the real-world casino game, these modern online counterparts employ a deck of 52 cards, composed of the classic card suits (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs).

    • Video poker games always deal a 5-Card hand. The second thing you should know is that all variants of the online game are based on the 5-Card Draw system of poker, where each player is dealt a starting hand of five cards. According to this system, you must then choose which cards to keep (“Hold”) and which ones to discard, with the aim of ending up with the best possible hand when the machine deals out a new set of cards.

    • Video poker strategy is all about knowing your card values. The third thing you should know is that in order to achieve the best possible 5-Card hand, you must be familiar with the value of each winning combination of cards.

    When playing video poker, you can influence the outcome of your game if you know how to the analyze the value of your hand. That’s why we can talk about video poker strategy, even though the results of video poker games are ultimately determined by RNG software.

    Learning how to play video poker properly lets you make the right decision at every stage in the game, so that you can expect the best possible outcome each time.

    Our step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to play videopoker:

    Step 1: Choose Your Video Poker Game

    There are hundreds of online poker games out there. Whether you’re into classic online poker games with no frills, or more modern ones with bonus features, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste. A few important things to keep in mind when you’re playing online video poker for real money: always check the game’s RTP and the paytable.

    Step 2: Set Your Wager

    To start a video poker game, players must choose how many credits they want to play on each spin. The typical range is anything from one to five credits, or ‘coins’. Prizes scale depending on how much you are playing for. All of this information can be found in the pay table. You can increase or lower your wager by clicking/tapping the arrows next to the “Bet/Wager” button on the game screen.

    Step 3: Deal Your Cards

    After you’ve set your wager, click/tap the “Deal” button and the video poker machine will automatically deal you a hand.

    Step 4: Choose Which Cards You Want to Keep

    Once the video poker machine deals out your hand, it’s time to decide which cards you want to keep (“hold”) and which ones you want to discard. Click/tap on the cards you want to keep and then on the button marked “Deal/Draw”. This will make the game randomly replace your discarded cards.

    Step 5: Know Your Hand

    Whether you win or lose, as well as how much you can win, is determined by the value of the hand that’s drawn. In video poker games, this is based on two factors: the value of the hand in the poker hierarchy itself and the value of the hand on the paytable of the game you’re playing.

    The Most Popular Types of Video Poker

    Players who wish to start playing video poker games will find so many variations to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start.

    While you will find hundreds of video poker games available online, there are some varieties of video poker that are steady favorites among online gamblers. It’s also good to know that although there are plenty of variations on each types of poker, most video poker games are based on two types: Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

    For those who are still unsure which kind of video poker they’d like to play, our experts have supplied a neat guide to the most popular types of video poker. Read on to find out which type of video poker suits you best.

    Jacks or Better

    To start a video poker game, players must choose how many credits they want to play on each spin. The typical range is anything from one to five credits, or ‘coins’. Prizes scale depending on how much you are playing for. All of this information can be found in the pay table. You can increase or lower your wager by clicking/tapping the arrows next to the “Bet/Wager” button on the game screen.

    Deuces Wild

    The advantage of playing Deuces Wild lies precisely in the deuces. These act as wild cards, which can replace any other card and result in a winning hand. While the pay tables for this variation of video poker are typically not as generous as those for Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild remains popular for its fun factor as well as for numerous winning combinations that wild cards offer players.

    Double Bonus Poker

    Based on Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker functions on the same principles as this popular variation. However, some players enjoy the advantage offered by Bonus Poker paytables, which carry higher payouts for hands of four-of-a-kind. This type of poker has a higher variance than Jacks or Better, but if you land four aces the wins could be big!

    Joker Poker

    It may come as no surprise that this kind of video poker is played using an additional Joker card. The reason you’ll be happy to see the Joker in this variation is that he can act as a wild card to substitute any other card, as well as boost the payout for certain winning hands. If you’re looking for a Joker Poker game with higher winning odds, browse through the Kings or Better varieties.

    15 Video Poker Terms You Need to Know

    Moving from video poker beginner to an advanced player means knowing your video poker terminology. If you learn some of the most common terms before you play video poker, you’ll increase your chances of reacting to game cues in good time from the start.

    1. Action

    The act of using a video poker machine, as well as the total sum you bet on it during one full game session is referred to as action.

    2. Comps

    Many online casinos offer special VIP packages which include a wide variety of freebies known as comps. These vary depending on the promotions on offer, but often include perks such as cashback, complimentary flights, meals, and hotel stays. Your rewards will be based on how much you gamble each month.

    3. Cycle

    The math says that a cycle of 40,000 hands is more likely to turn up a Royal Flush or other winning hands. While this statistical average does not guarantee such a win, video poker games are in fact based on mathematical algorithms to ensure a cheat-free experience.

    4. Discard

    After the video poker machine deals your initial hand, you can choose to hold or discard any or all of these cards.

    5. Double Up

    The extra round known as Double Up gives you the chance to increase your current video poker earnings.

    6. Hold

    Following the initial hand you are dealt, you will be offered the chance to keep one or more cards in that hand.

    7. House Edge

    Different games carry a different edge for the house, which in this case is an online casino. Video poker games have a small house edge, which means that the odds of winning are lower compared to some other games, like online slots. However, when players do land a larger win, it could be so big that players come out on top of the house.

    8. Inside Straight

    When all you’re missing to complete your winning hand is a card in the middle of your run, that’s an inside straight.

    9. Expected Return

    This is a simple one: it’s how much return can you expect to earn from a video poker machine in the long run.

    10. Face Card

    Kings, Queens and Jacks are all known as face cards.

    11. Full Pay Machine

    Video poker machines with the highest payback percentages are the best choice for players looking to play video poker games for real money. The highest paying full pay machines tend to be found among the Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild varieties of poker.

    12. Multi-hand

    If you like to play more than one hand at once, the video poker games with a multi-hand option are for you.

    13. Outside Straight

    You’ve almost got a full run of four cards and need a fifth card to complete a winning hand. This is an outside straight.

    14. Pat Hand

    So, you’ve drawn a hand and there’s no way you could pick a card from the pack which will improve it. You’re pat with what you’ve got and that’s that.

    15. Pay Back

    Also known as the expected value of a game, pay back describes the return you can expect from a video poker game after it has dealt out millions of hands.

    Video Poker Hands: An Easy Cheatsheet

    Do you want to be a smart, informed player when you play online video poker? Having a good knowledge of the different hands you can get makes all the difference. You can shift the game in your favor just by knowing which cards are worth hanging onto.

    For instance, when you have a Royal Flush you should keep all your cards, of course. For 3-of-a-kind you should keep three and drop two, and if you’re two cards from a Royal Flush you should keep two and drop three.

    When in doubt, you can analyze the value of your hand by referring to the list below, where you’ll find video poker hand values ranked from highest to lowest.

    Royal Flush

    This is the highest-ranking hand in 5-Card Draw poker. It is made up of a ten, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace from the same card suit.

    Straight Flush

    The second-best hand is composed of five consecutive cards of the same suit that can go all the way up to the King.

    Four of a Kind

    This hand places four cards of identical value next to each other, with the last card having no effect on the hand.

    Full House

    Think of a Full House as a gathering of good friends, where three of them have a number in common (one of a kind) and the remaining two are an old married couple (a pair).


    This hand consists of five cards from the same suit placed in no particular order.


    Mixed suits can also bring a win when they form a Straight, which is made up of five cards from the same suit in ascending value.

    Three of a Kind

    Not to be confused with the Full House. This hand must have three cards of equal value and two more cards with a different value.

    Two Pair

    This hand is made up of two sets of two with identical value, and a fifth card with no value.

    One Pair

    Two cards of the same value, with three other cards.

    High Card

    This is exactly that: the highest card in your hand as you hold nothing less of value.

    Our Advanced Guide to Video Poker Strategy

    Like most great casino games, online video poker takes a simple concept that requires a combination of luck and skill. Players who enjoy video poker games are often very passionate about playing these machines. But to get the best odds possible, you’ll need to have a deep knowledge of video poker strategy.

    For those who are willing to learn these games, it is well worth taking the time to understand video poker strategy. Video poker games offer the same great odds and exciting, strategic gameplay whether you play them in person, or if you opt for video poker online instead. In fact, many of these machines offer the best return to players (RTP) of virtually all of the casino games that are available online. In fact, when played in real world casinos, video poker games are the only ones where players who play with perfect strategy can have a positive expectation.

    Increasing your chances of winning at video poker takes skill, time and practice. Fortunately, our top strategies are easy to follow, and they’ll help you learn how to beat video poker machines at their own game.

    Without further ado, here are our top strategy tips that will help you become an ultimate video poker player:

    Play Games with the Best Paytables

    There are many different video poker machines available these days. Depending on your bankroll you may want to search for a lower limit game, or perhaps you’re on the hunt for a machine with a more fruitful RTP percentage. Some of the most popular online video poker games include:

    • Jacks or Better
    • Deuces Wild
    • Bonus Poker
    • Double Bonus
    • Joker Poker

    In any case, you should always check what payout percentage is linked to the paytables and choose the games that offer the highest video poker payouts. If you’re a new or inexperienced player, it might not even occur to you that this is information you should be checking.

    Paytables will differ depending on what variation of video poker you’re playing. This will affect your bet, too. For example, if you play Jacks or Better, many experts will tell you to bet 5 coins, because you’ll get a much better payout of 800 to 1 when you hit a Royal Flush. On the other hand, a lot of experienced players opt for Deuces Wild poker, because you can have a payback percentage of 100.76% on a paytable of 25/15/9/5/3/2 - that means the player will have an advantage over the house!

    The good news is that it’s really easy to find the paytable information for any online video poker title and compare it to other games.

    Know Which Cards to Keep

    This is the basis of your strategy when playing video poker online. Once you get dealt your initial cards, you should quickly figure out which ones you want to hold and which you would like to discard and replace with new cards from the deck. The resulting hand will be final – which is why pro players really study their options. If you get a winning combination of cards, you will receive your payout before moving on to your next hand.

    Use a Video Poker Cheatsheet

    Learning all the different video poker hands by heart can be daunting. Having a cheatsheet next to you when you play is a great way to get used to the game. A cheatsheet is exactly what it sounds like: an overview of video poker hands, giving you the information that you need to intelligently keep or discard the right cards. It’s like video poker on training wheels – and there’s no shame in it. Plenty of the best players today started out with a handy guide by their side.

    Master Specific Video Poker Games

    Video poker strategy is complex and intricate. Because of this, many players enjoy learning the perfect strategies for at least one machine. This helps them get the best odds possible while playing.

    As you play a particular machine more and more, you’ll find yourself relying on ‘cheat sheets’ less and less. You’ll begin to notice that you have a better handle on the strategies needed to win on each different type of different video poker game.

    Slow It Down

    Typically, slow and steady is the name of the game in casinos. However, with video poker games, most experts recommend playing the maximum amount of coins for each spin. This increases the number of ways in which you can win each time. However, it’s important to note that bankroll management is also key. Don’t play five coins on a video poker machine which is out of your comfort zone. If necessary, move down to a cheaper game.

    Consider Multi-Hand Machines

    Some machines will give you the option of playing in a multi-hand format. In these cases, you’ll pay for all of your hands up front: if you play a 10-hand machine for five credits per hand, for instance, you’ll be on the hook for 50 credits at the start of each hand. You’ll still be dealt just one initial hand of five cards. But, after you choose which cards to discard, you will receive new cards for each of the video poker hands you paid for. These new hands are each drawn independently, so it is possible to get the same replacement cards on different hands. All of your winning hands will award prizes, just as in a standard, single-handed game.

    The gameplay and paytables on multi-hand video poker is really the same as you’ll get on single-play machines. Their biggest advantage is that they let you focus purely on strategy for a few games, since you don’t need to think about how much you want to bet. On the other hand, the variance is often higher on multi-hand games. This can still work in your favor – if you get a good initial hand, you’re likely to win a serious amount of money.

    Consider Your Bonus Options

    When playing online, big bonuses and free spins are worth looking out for, but make sure you consider the wagering requirements too. You’ll have to put in some serious hours for major bonuses to be converted into withdrawable funds. Hours and hours of playing poker slots is the norm to unlock a deposit bonus.

    Five Reasons to Try Video Poker for Real Money

    Since online casinos offer great value to poker lovers, more online gamblers are looking to make the switch from live poker at a land-based casino to video poker games.

    If you’re still unsure whether you want to take up real money video poker, it’s best to weigh out the pros and cons before leaving the comforts of free video poker.

    Reason 1: Real Money Video Poker = Real Cash Wins

    The top reason for playing online video poker for real money is simple: you can only land real cash wins if you place real bets on video poker at a safe online casino. While playing free video poker is great for fun and practice, signing up to reputable online casino could prove lucrative as well as entertaining.

    Reason 2: Additional Video Poker Bonus Offers

    The best video poker sites have plenty of video poker bonus treats for both new and returning players to enjoy. The most popular options include no deposit welcome offers and free cash promotions, and while ongoing offers differ depending on the online casino you choose, you can take advantage of many deals to complement your gameplay.

    Reason 3: The Thrill Factor of Video Poker Games

    Most online gamblers like to play video poker games for real money because it ups the excitement of the game. After all, as with all great casino games, higher stakes are connected to the ultimate video poker experience.

    Reason 4: Convenience

    Playing for real money at a reputable online casino has clear advantages over free video poker when you consider that the best video poker sites have hundreds of games by the best software providers, such as PlayTech, iSoftBet, and NetEnt. These sites provide their clients with added fun thanks to a vast library of online games where you can even sample and discover many other types of online gambling, such as slot games, table games and live dealer options.

    Reason 5: Bankroll Management

    One of the greatest pitfalls in online gambling is losing control of your bank roll. To ensure you don’t go over your desired gambling budget, it’s a good idea to sign up with a good online casino with a vast selection of games, where you can find the best video poker games with the best odds and payouts. What’s more, when you play video poker for real money at an online casino, you can play using the bonuses on offer, which is a good way to increase your bankroll.

    Play for Real Money at the Best Video Poker Sites for 2019

    Once you get to grips with the ins and outs of video poker games, you can put your new-found skills into practice and confidently place your bets if you intend to play video poker for real money. But where can you find the best video poker sites to play real money video poker games safely and securely?

    Our team of expert gamblers have put all our recommended sites through a rigorous vetting process to ensure you have a safe and fun experience. If you want to play video poker, it has never been easier than when you sign up to one of our best video poker sites.

    Our Top-Rated Sites for Online Video Poker – Dec, 2019

    #1 Casino
    Banking Methods
    Operating Systems

    Fair Go Casino - #1 with 250+ Real Money Games

    Fair Go Casino features more than 250 real money games, many of which are similar to those found in Las Vegas. Believe it or not, you can actually play all of their games for free until you are comfortable enough to start playing for real money. With a very high payout rate of 97.85%, there’s really no better place to play online for real money than at this established casino.

    • Accepts Players From Australia
    • Fully licensed and regulated
    • New bonuses and promotions released regularly
    • Visa and MasterCard deposits accepted
    • Play all games on your mobile device
    • Up to $1000 bonus for all new players
    Play Now
    771 Players claimed this bonus in the last 24 hours
    Read Fair Go Casino Review
    Banking Methods
    Operating Systems
    • A state-of-the-art mobile lobby
    • Claim a bonus whenever you deposit
    • Try your luck on massive jackpots
    • Truly dedicated to slot fanatics
    • An incredible selection of bonuses
    • A VIP program with exclusive rewards

    How Do We Select the Video Poker Sites on our List?

    With so many online casinos on the market it has never been easier to access your favorite video poker games for fun or real money. For most online gamblers who want to enjoy a world of video poker and other games like free slots and table games, the number one concern is whether online casinos provide players with a safe experience.

    That’s why all our recommended sites undergo a rigorous series of tests to ensure that the only online casinos that make it onto our list are safe, reliable and offer players the highest quality experience:

    Video Poker Games Selection

    We only recommend online casinos that have a vast selection of video poker games from the top providers on the market, including iSoftBet, NetEnt, Playtech, and many more. Whether you favor the old school classics or prefer your video poker to serve up bonuses or jackpots, you’re always seconds away from playing the top video poker games on the web.

    The Best Online Video Poker Bonuses

    Who wants to sign up to an online casino to play video poker when all the best bonuses apply to slot games? When it comes to the best sites for video poker, we know which offers and promotions appeal to video poker lovers and that’s why we’ll only recommend the top online casinos that cater directly to your needs.

    Safety and Security

    Licensing and regulation, security and safety. These are the top priorities for every online casino we review and recommend. Our team of expert gamblers have spent hundreds of hours vetting online casinos and their games to ensure that only the best online casinos make it onto our list. We know that these are the best video poker sites because they are: licensed by a reputable gaming authority, utilise the latest encryption technology, carry RNG certification, are protected by SSL, TSL, https and similar measures, have a good track record, and display transparent terms & conditions.

    Payment Options

    When you sign up to an online casino, you want to be sure that you’re entrusting your deposits and withdrawals to an online casino that offers the best rated payment providers. The best online poker sites we recommend carry all the most popular payment methods, including e-Wallet services like PayPal, VISA and Mastercard for credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and Amazon prepaid vouchers and cards.

    Customer Support

    When you sign up to an online casino to play video poker, you want to be sure that there’s always someone on call to answer your questions. Rest assured we’ve tested all our partner casinos and found them to have the highest customer care standards, so you can sit back and enjoy the best online poker experience possible.


    Our team has reviewed and test hundreds of online casinos and the games they offer on every device. Do you need to know if an online casino is easy to navigate on your tablet, or whether it allows you to play hundreds of games on your phone? We wouldn’t recommend it if you couldn’t.


    Which video poker game has the best odds?
    Just like a slot game, the video poker game odds are dependent on two things: the game’s RTP and the paytable. Although the odds differ depending on the game you play, Jacks or Better varieties of online video poker can result in an RTP of 99% when played with perfect strategy. When checking the paytable, looking out for games marked 9/6 can also yield a good outcome.

    How do you beat a video poker machine?
    As expert poker players will tell you, the best way to beat video poker is to play fewer hands. Unlike online poker, playing against the video poker machine requires you to slow down your game and play for wins rather than volume.

    How are video poker machines programmed?
    Modern video poker machines function on the RNG system. The algorithm used by the RNG system ensures that cards dealt randomly to provide a cheat-free experience. While cards are always randomly dealt, the player can influence the outcome by being familiar with the winning hands in video poker games and playing strategically.

    How do video poker machines pay out?
    Just like any other game you can play at a regulated and trustworthy online casino, it’s easy to withdraw your video poker winnings from your account after you sign up. To cash out your winnings, you should go to the cashier section of your online casino account, select the withdrawal option, supply the site with your deposit option of choice and relevant personal details, and select “Withdraw”. Granted that you sign up to one of the best video poker sites which offer the most reputable online payment providers, your deposits and withdrawals will be a safe and easy affair.

    Can I use welcome bonuses to play video poker?
    The best sites for video poker offer all kinds of bonuses for online gamblers who want to play video poker online. These can include welcome bonuses such as no deposit offers and free money bonuses that let you play video poker with free cash. Daily promotions vary depending on which online casino you choose to sign up to, but the best ones will reward both new and returning players.

    What deposit methods can I use to play for real money?
    When you sign up with a safe and trustworthy online casino, you will find all the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods, including e-Wallet services like PayPal, debit and credit cards like VISA and Mastercard, bank transfer options, as well as alternatives like Amazon prepaid vouchers and cards. While payment methods vary depending on the online casino, the best online casinos will always offer the best payment methods that are applicable to your region.

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