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    Tempobet Casino

    Bet at the sportsbook where football is king.

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Sign up to bet at a sportsbook that is the sponsor of Preston North End and Burton Albion.
    • Enjoy in-play betting including over and under bets on major events including football, tennis and basketball.
    • Deposit and withdraw funds using Skrill, Neteller, Visa and other convenient methods.
    • Bet on over 30,000 matches a month including dozens of different sports for major global leagues.

    Tempobet Casino Review

    There's a whole lot of sports betting sites out there on the web, each vying for your hard-earned cash. Which one should you choose? Well, if you happen to be a supporter of Preston North End Football Club, you might choose to play at Tempobet. Why? Because they are the official sponsor of the club as well as Burton Albion, another English league side. This aside, it is hard to think of a reason why you would want to sign up at this site which looks distinctly underwhelming. Most sportsbooks are rammed to the rafters with colours, offers and games galore. IAt Tempobet, it simply isn't like that.

    While it is true that there are images of football players celebrating on the homepage and there are lists of games including live matches, there's also a bunch of space in the sidebar and the site’s design looks at least 5 years out of date. This is probably because Tempobet was founded in 2008 and it doesn't appear to have seen much attention since then. It is certainly not the best site to play at on mobile and it is also worth noting that this site does not have a casino and that it is a sportsbook only which is something of a rarity.


    Tempobet Facts

    Tempobet is operated by a company called Vivaro Ltd who hail from Malta. They are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. On its About page you will learn very little about Tempobet other than the football teams that it sponsors and that it offers over 30,000 live betting and events per month. This is combined with what is described as “24/7 market leading customer service”. This market leading customer service comprises an email address and that's it. Yes, that's how out of date and hide behind the times this site is.

    It needs to be reiterated at this stage that there is really nothing about this site that would compel anyone to want to sign up at it. It just doesn't look enticing in any possible way and it is hard to imagine why even the most ardent of football supporters would want to gamble here. Sure, if there were no other sportsbooks on the web then this place with just about do the job. Given that there are thousands of such sites online however, many of which offer excellent features and amazing welcome offers and other promotions, there's really nothing going on here. You see that is another thing that is worth noting about Tempobet at this stage: there are zero promotions to be had here. It is all very strange.

    Hazy Banking

    In addition to having a promotions page which is posted missing, a banking page can be added to that list. Although there are other sites which also fail in this respect this is nevertheless not something which Tempobet should be taking credit for. There are a couple of logos that are visible in the footer of the site and we're talking about literally a couple.

    Your options for deposits and withdrawals would appear to be Visa, Mastercard and Ecopayz. Beyond that very little is known. There is however an FAQ where a little more information is given up. You will learn here that you can also deposit funds via Skrill and Neteller and that the minimum deposit amount is £5. There is no fee for withdrawals and it will generally take 2 to 3 working days for withdrawals to be processed.

    More Unclarity

    The minimum bet that you can place on the sportsbook is £10, or an equivalent in currency. This can be gleaned from the FAQ, but there is very little you will learn there aside from this. There is a section entitled Sports Betting Rules, but is put together extremely badly. It’s just a long wall of text that goes into how betting works on various markets including American football and Australian rules football and countless other footballs. There must be about 10,000 words in here if not more, making it impossible to search and to find information corresponding to your preferred sport.

    If you're interested in football for example you will have to scroll past loads of other games first of all. Interestingly however, for a site that is so far behind the times, you will note that there is a section dedicated to esports which is surprising given how Tempobet looks. Sports include CS: GO and Starcraft 2 as well as DOTA 2. Elsewhere you'll find rules pertaining to such unusual sports as floorball and Gaelic football. This is interesting to say the least.

    Live Sports Betting

    One thing that Tempobet does have is a live in-play betting facility. Click on the tab at the top of the page you will be taken to any current games that are in progress. This is usually football although there are also icons in the left hand sidebar that will link you through to other sports such as basketball, tennis and table tennis. In the right hand sidebar you can see a diorama of the football pitch showing key action areas and where the game is flowing. This enables gamblers to make an educated bet on where they see the game going. In the centre of the page you can make out various options including odds for the total number of goals in the form of over and under betting.

    You can also wager on various other things such as the number of cards and the identity of the goalscorers. At the top of the page there is a series of tabs you can click on that include your dashboard, a live multi view, a live calendar, results and statistics. These work reasonably well even though they're not particularly fancy and lack the sort of visuals provided by the best sportsbooks on the web.

    Tempobet’s Just Odd!

    Tempobet really is an odd little site. While it can't be particularly expensive to sponsor a couple of lower league English football teams, you would think that the operators of this side would have sorted out their website first before they tried to attract punters to their site. It's hard to imagine any modern day gambler wanting to stick around at this site. In particular, the fact that it is not set up for mobile play, which is integral to the live betting market, is a glaring omission. There are a lot of omissions from this site including the absence of a casino or any other means of whiling away the time except for betting on football and other sports.

    The lack of a banking page is also unfortunate and the same can be said about the Promotions page. It is just weird that a company would set up a gambling site without creating some sort of incentive to coach new players into signing up in the form of a deposit bonus or some sort of cashback. All told, Tempobet is a site that should be avoided at all costs. There are so many better sites out there that offer much more enticing options for the discerning gambler.


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