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    Play2Win Casino

    A faultless online casino is rare – make the most of it at Play2Win.

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Beautifully designed website with great aesthetics and navigation.
    • Excellent, broad choice of games in a number of categories.
    • Top quality, multi-modal support via email, global telephony, and live chat.
    • Incredible range of promotional offers and deals for new and experienced members.

    Play2Win Casino Review

    Talk about calling it like it is! Whoever decided to sit down and create an online casino called Play2Win clearly understands the mindset of most gamers. They are indeed here with the intention of playing to win money, and anything less is just not going to cut it.

    Thankfully, our ability to play and win – which relies on us sticking around on the website long enough not just to sign up but play for a while – is boosted by the fact this is a very clean, very modern, and rather innovative website in terms of its design. From the word go, you can tell that it has either been overhauled relatively recently, or isn’t a very old web domain simply by looking at the sort of design choices that are being employed.


    Super Slider

    The centre of the landing page is a slider image that is seamlessly embedded within the website build. This means no ugly, restrictive box out pictures. Just a constantly rotating series of background pictures that don’t feel stuck on, but rather naturally part of the website itself. The pictures include an attractive croupier, a cartoon slot machine boasting about the fact this site has more than 150 slots to choose from, a bunch of caricatures referencing some of the new-style 3D games that are on the site and ready to play.

    Meanwhile, there is static text just to the right showing that you will receive a 300% bonus up to £2222 invested into the site by you as a welcome bonus. That’s some offer. Below this, a series of menu links that actually have some nice images to show what the associated page will contain, below those a total jackpot ticker (well over £2million when we were writing this review) and below that, finally, a series of other menu links that are less on the immediate side and more on the small print/finer details- for example information on the VIP Club, Promotions and offers, and Security. First, though, let’s start with the beginning.

    Games and More Games

    If you’ve been in the game of playing casino games for a while, then chances are you’ll be used to the two fundamental types of online casinos- the first being those that have a great selection and variety of games to offer. The second is the type that’s just a little bit too limited and seems to focus on a few games and nothing more.

    Thankfully, Play2Win is definitely in the latter category. There are loads and loads of games to choose from, definitely more than this review warrants to be mentioned, and as such it’s probably best to concentrate on a couple of the most popular. Slots are undoubtedly one, and as a result let’s start from here.

    We love slots, and always have. Inspired by the traditional one armed bandits you are used to from pubs, these are great ways to have fast fun, win quick money, and generally feel the adrenalin coursing through your veins. When it coms to slots, Play2Win certainly has plenty to look into, and better yet you don’t even need to click on the option itself to see what’s in there – hovering the cursor over the menu option will bring up a quick row of game titles that act as a preview and are also indicative of just how advanced this site is.

    In addition, you also have Progressive Jackpot games, Video Poker, Table Games, Bingo, and Special Games. The majority are self-explanatory, doing exactly what they say on the tin, although a couple may benefit from further input on our part. Table Games, for example, include Baccarat, Blackjack, Casino Battle, and Pai Gow Poker. Special Games, meanwhile, are games designed just for this site, that offer often cheeky, always easy fun for anyone to get involved with.

    How about that Promotion You Mentioned?

    Well remembered. As we mentioned before, there is an ongoing promotion for all new members, who will receive nothing short of a 300% match bonus up to £2222 (or $ or €) as a thank you for joining. Or this can be switched for 100% cashback to the same value. Not bad by half really.

    Play2Win Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    First Deposit
    £/$/€ 2,222

    In addition to this, there are plenty of other competitions and exciting opportunities to win big prizes. Macao, fast becoming the world’s gambling capital – reflecting how the East is now rising way beyond the old West in terms of economics – is one place you may be interested in visiting as a regular gambler, and that dream can become a reality with Play2Win online casino. They good folk behind the scenes have one trip up for grabs for one lucky play, each and every month of the year.

    On top of this, you comp points for every bet and wager made, accumulate enough of these and you can trade in for actual cold hard cash. Play between 1AM and 6AM, and make a deposit, and you’ll receive 111% match bonus and regardless of win, the casino throws in another 10 £,$, or € Free Chip bonus just because you’re burning the midnight oil. These are just a couple of examples from the enormous list, which include Blackjack Night every Thursday, ongoing Slots Tournaments, and more.

    It really is worth looking into these and getting your head around the ins and outs of what is on offer because, whilst not that simple to understand due to how many different deals there are, the deals are both generous and genuinely usable. The best of both worlds then.

    Security (and Support)

    As you would expect, given our glowing review here, Play2Win online casino really is up to date when it comes to security. Every protocol is followed to the letter meaning encryption standards are particularly high for all sensitive information- from bank details to personal information.

    On top of this, there are a number of ways to get in touch for direct support from staff. Phone numbers are easy to find on the website, and even go as far as providing details of how to get in touch from different territories – France, Germany, Spain, and international. Live Chat is always a big favourite of ours as clearly it saves money on phone bills and is really simple to use. Finally, you can, of course, email, with responses available 24-7. How’s that for setting the standard high?

    One of the Best Sites around

    It’s pretty hard to fault Play2Win from all angles – it really is one of the best online casinos we have ever come across. The important bits are all here- excellent games, a huge variety within each category, and some of the most up to date versions and ideas we have seen therein (did someone say 3D slots?).

    Add to this the best online support you could ask for- with the promise of staff being available by whatever method of comms you choose round the clock, every day of the year, not to mention top of the pile security standards and it really does become impossible to find anything wrong at all. There’s still more, though- not least the overall aesthetics and feel of the site. Everything is slick, smooth, and decidedly natural looking, yet there’s a great air of fun about the whole URL- a point that many other great casino websites seem to slip up on.

    It’s very rare for us to award any site a rating out of 10 that leaves nowhere to go but down. As such, consider this both a glowing review and heartfelt suggestion that you really need this in your bookmarks, and your life.


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