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    Loony Bingo

    Crazy mad bingo fun for everyone.

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Great looking website which will appeal to those sick of tired old domains.
    • Fantastic standard of bingo games on offer, which offer first rate playability.
    • Generous sign up bonus offer; deposit £10 and play with eight times that amount.
    • Stand alone mobile support for members playing on tablets and smartphones.

    Loony Bingo Review

    You might think that with a name like Loony Bingo this particular bingo casino website would be completely and utterly off the wall, stark raving bonkers. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but those responsible for putting it together appear to be more than sane. This is far from the nut house that the name would imply. Compared with so many other websites of this kind, Loony Bingo makes sense, is clear about what it wants to offer you (as oppose to the ramblings of a madman), and is intelligently designed.

    When the landing page loads up all that will become immediately clear. We’ve seen some shocking decision on the part of web designers both in terms of their choices of navigation and layout, and also colour scheme and graphics. Some casino websites just look plain awful, and definitely not places you really want to be spending much time on, let alone spending loads of money on. Thankfully, Loony Bingo isn’t in that category.


    Looney’s All Lined Up

    The homepage itself looks nice and clean, definitely a relatively recent build. Despite the fact the developers’ attempts to make it all bonkers and zany coming down to a bingo ball wearing a wig and sporting a slightly manic look (we’ve seen crazier things in the grocery store on a Monday) the general vibe is positive here. Helpfully you can also scroll on the first screen and by the time you reach the bottom you should have found all the following bits and pieces knocking about:

    • Bonus offers for new sign ups
    • Most popular slot thumbnails
    • In-depth written information on the ins and outs of Loony Bingo, all written in rather sensible language without a scream of insanity in sight

    Overall, then, in terms of first impressions we’re honestly not sure whether to be disappointed, or relieved, at how normal it all is. Or indeed terrified. After all, most of the real nutters out there are the ones who sit next to you on public transport and look completely normal, until they tell you about the mask of human flesh they have been slowly stitching together over time. Just look at American Psycho for evidence of just how much our point stands. So, let’s lift the lid on this one and see if things get to that point where you’ll do anything to escape…

    Oh the Horrors, the Horrors

    Don’t worry, we’re kidding. There’s still not much scarily crazy about Loony Bingo once you begin investigating properly. Click on ‘Bingo’, from the menu in the top left of the screen, and well show you what we mean.

    Rather than a room full of people screaming at themselves to ‘STOP TALKING’ or ‘GET OUT OF MY HEAD’, you’ll actually find some pretty simple instructions on using the website. Just below the menu bar are instructions on redeeming your sign up bonus, and above all that a load of links to information on other promotions. But we don’t really want to talk about those just yet as otherwise we’ll have nothing to go into later.

    The main thing in this section of the website, as you’d expect, is bingo itself, and the majority of the screen is taken up by links to the different sort of games on offer. There’s the Daily Grand, offering £1,000 everyday; £250 ‘Money Penny’ jackpot; £10,000 Jackpot; £10,000 Bingo X Multiplier; 90 Ball, 75 Ball, Win £400 for a penny; Progressive jackpot bingo; guaranteed jackpot bing; and incredibly free bingo. Yep, that’s FREE bingo, which still offers you a chance to win actual money, without paying a penny to play. It’s unclear what mafia connections have led to the ability to offer this, but it’s safe to say we’re not complaining.

    Slots Section

    If you click on the Slots option from the menu bar you’ll be magically whisked away to the slots section of the website, obviously. The first category is Top Slots, which refers to the best-rated games on here. Other than that, you have progressive jackpot slots, where the more spins mean higher potential winnings. Then you have Casino slots, which offer stuff like baccarat and poker in a slot form. Finally, there are Instant slots. These don’t really differentiate from normal slots, other than the fact that they offer much faster returns.

    Crazy Mad Deals

    Now you’re talking Loony Bingo speak. Or are you? Well, not really. Turns out the promotions section just has the same stuff as the bingo section, which is both confusing, disappointing and – dare it be said – maddening to say the least. Here’s why...

    For starters, it means there aren’t really any ‘promotions’ in the same way most casino and gambling sites define promotions. Instead, all you’ve got is a load of bingo games that are constantly available that offer various degrees of value for money depending on the time of day, day of the week, or week of the month (don’t hold us to those exactly specifications, we’re trying to make a point rather than go for accuracy). Fundamentally, then, the only crazy mad deal here is the sign up bonus, which basically boils down to depositing £10 and playing with £80. That’s eight times the value of your deposit, it’s true, but still this means the site is sorely lacking the type of bonus we’d be looking for from something like this overall. Hardly the most encouraging way to get people on board.

    Loony Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    Small Blessings

    There you have it then, the cold hard truth. Loony Bingo is neither unhinged nor particularly interesting. If we didn’t know the case would be thrown out of court immediately we would consider doing something about the false pretense under which we were brought here in the first place.

    Still, thank heavens for small blessings – the bingo here is first rate; you won’t find better anywhere on the internet, and with plenty of variety in terms of jackpots being offered that’s another bonus. A bingo ticker/board would be helpful to make it clear at a glance what games are on offer and how long they still have to play, but ultimately this isn’t the end of the world.

    Perhaps not very inspiring, nor particularly groundbreaking, it is fun nonetheless and that’s ultimately the main goal in any hedonist’s life – the pursuit of pleasure. It’s just a shame that pleasure is often found in stuff like good deals and added value for money, both of which are on offer here, but not necessarily in abundance. Don’t avoid, but don’t tread over anyone to get an account here, we’re giving this one a bog standard average in terms of overall summary.


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