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    This casino, having been independently reviewed by our experts, is not recommended or endorsed by VSO. We strongly recommend visiting a VSO approved casino which has been tested and proven fair whilst offering a great selection of products, services and customer rewards.

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    Edgeless Casino

    Could this casino be the future of cryptocurrency gaming?

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Play blackjack, baccarat, dice, and crash without the house having an edge
    • Deposit and withdraw funds to play fun games using your Edgeless tokens
    • Access your Edgeless casino account and your favorite games on desktop, mobile, and tablet
    • There are no welcome bonuses, regular bonuses, loyalty rewards, or any sort of slots

    Edgeless Casino Review

    Throughout the history of land-based and online casinos, players have always had to try and beat the house knowing full well it had built in an edge to swing things in its favor. As we compiled this online review, we realised that Edgeless casino offers casino games with no house edge whatsoever. 

    So, if this has got you thinking of trying out this Ethereum smart contract-based casino site, just make sure you keep reading this review to find out all the positives and negatives.

    The idea behind Ethereum casinos is that all deposits, withdrawals, and staking make use of the cryptocurrency Ethereum. People who already own some of the total sum of limited Edgeless tokens will be able to bet on casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, dice, and crash. If you’re not currently an Edgeless token holder, don’t worry. You should be able to buy Edgeless tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Upbit, and Airswap. 

    Our review also discovered that Edgeless casino offers live chat support and email support to its members. And while the casino is currently licensed in Curaçao, it is also in the process of seeking licenses in the United Kingdom and Malta – two of the world's strictest gambling regulators that will ensure your safety while you play. 


    Discover Edgeless Bankroll Staking

    Edgeless casino will work on the basis of EDG bankroll staking, which will allow Edgeless token holders to stake their tokens on games. Tokens must be deposited for a period of one week, after which all Edgeless tokens will be redistributed accordingly. 

    The other possible benefit for Edgeless token holders is that the opportunity to gamble using Edgeless tokens at a casino with no house edge will increase the popularity and demand for Edgeless tokens. This, in turn, should increase their value. 

    You'll Find No Bonuses or Promotions Here

    Our reviewers noted that Edgeless casino operates without offering you any bonuse such as no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, or regular bonuses. Whether bonus incentives will be introduced later is unclear, but we can only watch this space. Alternatively, they could throw in a few rolls of their dice game or a few hands of blackjack. 

    Terms and conditions apply. 18 years old and above only. Play responsibly.

    Play Games, but No Slots

    As Edgeless casino is such a new concept, our review team thinks it’s understandable that games are limited to just blackjack, baccarat, dice, and crash. However, it’s good to see that Texas hold ’em and sports betting should be featured soon. Hopefully, the powers behind Edgeless will also invent and introduce some slots without any house edge. Even better, they could find a way of letting members play some of the best online slots. 

    You Can Do It All on Mobile

    Edgeless casino is available on both your desktop and mobile. The Edgeless mobile platform allows games to be played in instant play, meaning there’s no need for you to download an app or software. Edgeless mobile is also compatible with leading mobile brands like iOS and Android. The mobile site allows you to access your account details and check out the latest news on the blog. You can even get in touch with the Edgeless customer support team using mobile live chat.

    Access Support and Social Media Options

    If you’re interested in keeping an eye on what’s happening at Edgeless casino, our review experts found loads of social media channels you can follow it on. You can check it out on the most popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, or some of the trendier ones like Telegram, Reddit, and Discord. 

    If you’ve got any questions you want quick answers to, contact the Edgeless casino customer support team using live chat support or email support from your desktop or mobile device. The quoted response time for a live chat support request is a few minutes. 

    How to Fund Your Edgeless Casino Account

    Deposits and withdrawals at Edgeless casino must all be made in Edgeless tokens, sometimes also referred to as Ethereum tokens. If you’re already the proud owner of some of these tokens, all you need to do is simply sign up and make a deposit. 

    Alternatively, if you don’t currently own Edgeless tokens, you may wish to buy some from exchanges like Liqui, Coinrail, or TidEX. One advantage of being able to make deposits and withdrawals in Edgeless tokens is that transactions are normally instant. 

    Not Enough Games for Most Players

    Our reviewers consider Edgeless casino to be an interesting concept, especially since it lets you play games without the house enjoying the typical edge of most online casinos. Of course, that concept may instantly appeal to casino players who have already invested in Edgeless tokens. 

    The big question is, does this casino make you want to go out and buy Edgeless tokens to play here, if you haven’t already got some? Our guess is that most players’ answers will be no, and that’s due to the limited games selection you'll find here. 

    It’s interesting that, at the time of this review, the casino intends to add Texas hold ’em and sports betting in the near future. Unfortunately, until it adds these and probably a few more betting opportunities, it’s hard for our review team to give Edgeless casino its full recommendation. 

    Don’t worry, though, as there are lots of other online casinos and online Bitcoin casinos to choose from. 


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