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    Casino Lust

    Hardly sexy!

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Fast download system will have you ready to roll in seconds.
    • Intuitive web design makes information easy to digest.
    • Good standard of promotional offers for first, second, and third timers.
    • Excellent mobile support with responsive web design.

    Casino Lust Review

    Oooohhhh... saucy! Well, sort of. Much as the people behind Casino Lust would like to have made something sensual, or at least remotely sexual, all they have really achieved is creating yet another contemporary, slick-looking online gambling den that is both great in terms of the opportunities to win money, but also pretty uneventful in terms of concepts such as personality. Even a hint of cleavage would have brightened up our day.

    Nevertheless, this is what we’re faced with. For starters, guys and gals, anyone thinking this is going to be even the slightest bit of a turn on, or even the slightest bit suggestive, can wipe that thought from out of their mind immediately. The only suggestion here is the rolling ticker of promotional deals that run through the various offers this casino website is offering gamblers in exchange for their initial sign up, then their second deposit, and finally their repeat custom.

    Like so many other gambling websites out there, these offers seem to be really generous when you first load up the homepage- and seem to be something you need to make the most of immediately. Sadly, though, this is more thanks to the fact they are written in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS rather than the fact they are actually genuinely good deals.


    A Clean Page

    Aside from the massive deals that are rolling one past another there’s scant by way of real information on the homepage. At the very top you’ll see the name of the casino itself – Casino Lust – and beneath that a run down of menu options from left to right.

    These are ‘About’, which, as it suggests, takes you through to more in depth information about the site; ‘Promotions’ – detailing the full extent of the promotions highlighted by the ticker in the middle of the page; and ‘Getting Started’ – whereby you will have the process of signing up, and setting up, explained in pretty easy to understand infographics. In addition to those, you also have ‘Banking’ and ‘Mobile’, respectively offering the lowdown on what banking options you can use, and taking you through to the mobile version of the site, which is useful if your device didn’t automatically take you to the this when first logging on.

    What about the Bloody Games though?

    It’s a fair question, and one that the developers of this particular digital gambling den really could do with answering. Put simply, Casino Lust is a download casino, meaning you need to actually download software to your computer in order to get involved in the games. So far, so what, you might say. Well, here’s where it gets rather frustrating.

    Instead of, as logic would suggest is the best option, telling people what they can expect to get for their time spent downloading, there is absolutely no immediate information with regard to what games, types of games, and variations on games are actually available. In the past we have seen this situation, but previously there have been some discernible references on screen to, say, roulette, poker and slots. Here there’s nothing but a cheap image of some cards that merged into either red flames or red roses, it’s not clear which one, and to be honest it’s hardly worth your time bothering trying to find out.

    On the whole, then, considering the whole idea of an online casino is the fact you play games, this renders the experience more frustrating than, say, trying to cross a busy three lane road without a dedicated pedestrian crossing, and an urgent meeting to attend on the other side. Point made, let’s move on.

    Let There be Deals, though

    Yes, it’s true, not everything about Casino Lust is terrible. The deals we mentioned before are pretty adequate, and if you click on ‘Promotions’ at the top of the screen you can see more details about these.

    Fundamentally, there aren’t actually that many. You get $25 free when you sign up, and better yet this is not dependent on putting in a deposit of any kind. So, like, free money, is basically what they are saying, which is never a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll also get an additional bet match of 200% the value of your wager the first time you make a deposit up to $500. Another decent deal, this is only available on your very first bet.

    Aside from this you’ll also get a 100% Match on your second deposit up to $500, and, finally, your third deposit is open to a staggering 400% match up to a whopping $1000. This sounds great, although it’s probably worth noting that this is also a tell-tale sign that Casino Lust may well be struggling to retain players once they have actually gambled for the first time. Combined with the fact you don’t get told what is going on in terms of the games on offer and it wouldn’t be jumping to too many conclusions to assume that the games on offer are pretty substandard. Don’t take our guess work for gospel though. That would be unfair and a little shortsighted.

    Casino Lust Bonuses and Promotions

    First Deposit
    Second Deposit
    Third Deposit

    At Least it’s Secure

    Banking options with Casino Lust are probably the strongest thing about the website overall, which is great news for anyone who loves accountancy porn, but probably not the most exciting thing most others will have heard all year. Or even today. Unless it’s literally the first thing they have heard all day – in which case we’d have to start asking why you didn’t read any of the other carefully penned words above. #justsaying

    Our Conclusion

    As you may have guessed by the increasing venom in the tone of this review, we weren’t too impressed with Casino Lust, and for obvious reasons. To expect someone to install something on their computer – or indeed any computer they have access to – without really knowing what they are going to get out of it, isn’t irresponsible or presumptuous, it’s just plain lazy. Is it too much to ask just for one section of the website to explain in simple terms how many slot games, poker, video poker and roulette tables there are?

    We’d say definitely not, but then again perhaps we are just getting old these days. It’s a different world out there, one defined by short attention spans and people who jump into things without necessarily knowing or caring about the consequences. In which case Casino Lust is exactly the ticket – we know it works and has all the safeguards for our personal information in place, so what else is there really? Knowing what games are available? Pah, not likely.


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