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    Bingo just got delicious.

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Old-fashioned bingo site that’s best reserved for desktop users.
    • Sign up to play a wealth of bingo games including 90 and 75-ball games.
    • Play video slots probably including Fluffy Favourites and Shaman’s Dream.
    • Compete for big progressive jackpot prizes worth up to £1 million.

    Bingolicious Review

    Bingolicious is a cool name for a bingo site. The place has certainly got that in its favour. That’s where the accolades end and this is where the roasting begins. It would be nice to be able to write nice things about this site, but it’s nigh impossible to given the look of the place. Bingolicious is atrocious, there’s no two ways about it. Check it out and see for yourself. Given that the domain itself is a decent one, along with the name, it’s possible that the site’s operators might elect to refurb this site in the future. For now though, you’ll probably want to stay away. Probably? Okay definitely.

    The site was established in 2004 and while it has been lightly updated since then, it hasn’t seen a whole lotta love. Indeed, many elements of Bingolicious are laughably bad, but hey, if nothing else at least the site’s still capable of providing light entertainment, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. The image that dominates the homepage features a woman licking a lollipop with a bingo ball as its head in a manner that can best be described as suggestive. This lady seems to love bingo a whole lot. Remarkably, there is very little else to the homepage. Indeed, this might just be one of the shortest sites on the web, with a content area that only just stretches to beyond the fold.

    About Bingolicious

    Cassava Enterprises Ltd are the company responsible for the shocker of a site that is Bingolicious. They’re based in Gibraltar and have released several hundred sites at the very minimum over the last decade or so. With so many sites to maintain, they can perhaps be forgiven for neglecting some of the older ones. Still, you can’t help wondering why they don’t close down sites such as this, not least to enhance brand perception, and focus instead on the ones that work. Cassava Enterprises are licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, while 888 UK Limited, their parent company, are licensed by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.


    Entire pages of this site barely load incidentally, or have next to no content on them, or are illegible due to bad design choices, or are found wanting in some other way. There’s a lot that’s wrong with this site and very little that’s right with it. The owner of the Bingolicious brand incidentally are Daub Alderney Ltd, a company who are based in Alderney in the Channel Islands. Take a casual look around Bingolicious – it won’t take long; the site’s tiny – and you’ll find that every conceivable element is outdated or wrong in some way. The Facebook page? Last updated in 2005. The Twitter account? You don’t want to know.

    Bingolicious Banking

    The usual banking options are available at Bingolicious as revealed by the payment provider logos that can be found in the site’s footer. Here you’ll learn that Bingolicious will accept Visa, Maestro, Entropay, PayPal, Paysafecard and Neteller. These options will be available for deposits, but you’ll be able to use them too for withdrawals, save for Paysafecard which is a deposit option only. The minimum withdrawal amount is £30 and withdrawal requests will take 48 hours to be processed.

    Once this period is up, the quickest you will receive your funds is within 2-3 days, as is the case when making a withdrawal via PayPal, Neteller or UK MasterCard. You might be asked to submit identification documents before your first withdrawal request is honoured. This seems a bit rich coming from a site that should be giving its players verification that it’s still a going concern.

    No Bonuses?

    This might just be the shortest description of a bingo bonus section ever because, well, there don’t appear to be any here. You’d normally expect there to be some kind of first deposit match; perhaps even 100% to get you started. That ain’t the case here though; in fact there doesn’t appear to be a promotions page whatsoever. It’s possible that there are some promotions that become evident upon signing up and logging in, but it’s hard to say for sure, and if you value your time, you’re almost certainly not going to waste it by trying to ascertain whether there’s any kind of a welcome bonus worth claiming here.

    No Bingo Guides Here!

    Ah, bingo. While there are many things that cannot be said for certain about Bingolicious, like whether it does or doesn’t dispense any sort of bonuses, it’s safe to say that this site does bingo. If it didn’t, it surely wouldn’t have a picture of a woman blissfully licking a bingo lollipop like it was the tastiest thing on Earth. The title of the site, as revealed in the browser tab you’ll see at the top of the page, states that 90-ball and 75-ball bingo are the primary means of entertainment here. That figures, for that’s the case at all Cassava Enterprises sites, a figure that by anyone’s reckoning runs into three or four figures.

    Cassava Enterprises sites generally have a playing guide that will explain the basics of the bingo games it hosts. There doesn’t appear to be one here, but then you’re unlikely to need one given that bingo isn’t the most complex of games. Beside, if anything, you’re more likely to need a guide to navigating your way around the extremely user-unfriendly Bingolicious, a site that appears to have no content or links of any substance. There is a latest winners section on the homepage but it can be said with near 100% certainty that none of those usernames correspond with players at this site; they’ll have won those sums at other sites on the same bingo network. There are two games listed as starting soon on the homepage of Bingolicious, Sunny 90s and Woodstock, but whether this information is accurate or not is hard to say.

    Bingolicious Conclusion

    Bingolicious is right up there with the other Cassava Enterprises sites competing for the dubious title of Worst Bingo Site on the Web. It’s hard to imagine coming up against a site even less inviting than this one, but it’s theoretically possible. The graphics are bad. The design is bad. The language is bad. It’s all bad. So, so bad. Even in 2004 when this site was launched it wouldn’t have been great. Now it’s several shades worse, and is virtually unplayable. Still, if you like a challenge, by all means sign up here and see for yourself whether or not Bingolicious still functions.

    While you’re there, see if you can find out whether or not there are any promotions to be had and whether there are in fact any other players actually using the site. Due to the almost complete absence of information about the bingo games and slots, it’s extremely hard to reach an informed conclusion as to whether or not the site even functions. Bingolicious: it’s not very good.


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