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    Anna Bingo

    A nice name, nice site for Scandinavian players.

    Players from Australia accepted

    • Bingo site marketed at Swedish and other Scandinavian mobile players.
    • Claim a 100% bonus match when you sign up and make your first deposit.
    • Play 90, 75 and 80-ball bingo plus chat games with the Anna Bingo CMs.
    • Play casino games such as Aces and Faces, Big Ben, Bonus Poker and Casino King.

    Anna Bingo Review

    Anna Bingo is a site that is targeted at Scandinavian players, despite the fact that the operators of the site are based in Costa Rica. San Jose to be precise. Functional Games SA are the company behind the bingo, and they're not particularly well known on these shores it must be said. This can nevertheless be taken as a good thing, if only because their presence provides some respite from the major players who dominate the European bingo scene, churning out near-identical sites with similar themes and, games and promotions.

    Anna Bingo is a simple looking site with a claret and yellow colour scheme. It’s fronted by Anna (of course), a pale-skinned, dark-haired beauty who looks charming and sports an angelic smile. The site is optimised for mobile and tablet devices, allowing players to enjoy their favourite bingo games on the go. Aside from the images of Anna, the site favours a largely text-based design, including a prominent column on the homepage revealing the current bingo rooms and value of the prizes that can be won playing in these.


    About Anna Bingo

    While the operator of Anna Bingo is based in Costa Rica, the payments are arranged by a company called Technical Consulting and Management Services Ltd who are based in Surrey in the United Kingdom. The site is available in four languages, English, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. There's no surprises there, for these are the European nations who love bingo the most.

    Anna Bingo holds a gaming licence issued in Curacao. There is not much else that can be said about this, other than the fact that thousands of other companies also hold gaming licenses issued in this territory, probably because it is regarded as being the cheapest and easiest place to obtain a gaming licence. If you require customer support while using this site you must be logged in to get hold of an operator. An email address is provided, which appears to be your only means of getting hold of a member of the team.

    Anna’s Banking

    While it is refreshing to see a different company offering bingo to European players, it is less refreshing when they do such a shoddy job of it. For example, there is no FAQ or even a banking page available on this site. Click on “Help” for example and you're simply informed that this information or section of the site is unavailable without being logged in. Good luck trying to work out what your deposit and withdrawal options are without first creating an account and logging in, which seems like a ridiculous waste of time just to conclude that you don't like the deposit or withdrawal options. Why do so many operators of bingo sites and casinos seem to struggle with these fundamental things? This isn't rocket science – it is basic courtesy and common sense.

    100% Bonuses

    There is a 100% welcome bonus available when you sign up at Anna Bingo. The site also makes mention of there being £10 in free cash to play with. It is not explained whether this is a separate offer or one and the same offer. Click on the featured slider promoting this and you’ll be taken to a page that says “We're sorry but it is not possible to register from your current location please contact for any question”.

    Anna Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

    Welcome Bonus

    There are two inferences that can be drawn from this: 1. The operators of Anna Bingo aren’t very good at English. 2 They aren’t seeking to attract British players. This site is supposed to be accessible from within the UK and it even employs the services of British chat moderators and yet it would appear not to allow players accessing the site from a UK IP address to sign up. This is idiotic and contradictory.

    Bingo “Guide”

    For players for are new to the game, Anna Bingo has a playing guide that covers the basics. It should be noted however that the word “guide” should be used in the loosest possible sense. As mentioned earlier, English really isn't the strongpoint of the operators of this site and their playing guides are almost incomprehensible. However, from what can be deduced it appears that there are the following games available to play: 75-ball bingo, 90-ball, 80-ball and variant bingo, which is the type more common in Scandinavian countries. There is a tabbed section on the bingo page entitled Coming Up. Click on it and you will be taken to a page that says “You are a VIP customer you get 20% on all deposits”.

    This is despite stating on the promotions page that you cannot login from your current country. Anna Bingo is a tangled mass of contradictions. While we’re listing things that are wrong with this site it is worth pointing out that many pages are completely indecipherable because of the black text layered over the red background. And even if you are able to decipher the text, its meaning is mostly gobbledygook and gibberish because the people behind this site don't speak English. On a brighter note, one of the elements of bingo that the site excels at is chat bingo. At Anna Bingo, you can view the avatars and profiles of the chat moderators; if you'd like to find out the favourite quote, music or star sign of chat moderator Karen, for example, you can do so.

    Diverse Casino Games

    Aside from the bingo, there is a selection of slots and other games that can be played on the site. These are certainly diverse, but the quality of these games isn't the greatest. The slots have progressive jackpots with the values displayed in krona. Presumably this is Swedish krona. This is more than a little confusing given that the homepage slider displays the welcome bonus in pounds and yet the games page reverts to krona. For the record, the sorts of games you can expect to play at Anna Bingo are Aces and Faces, Big Ben, Bonus Poker, Casino King, Classic Keno, Jacks or Better, Rolling In dough, Tango Mango and Tens or Better.

    In other words, there is a fair selection of video poker titles, a selection of pontoon and blackjack games, a few slots and a couple of mini games and that is about your lot. All told, the selection of games here is reasonable in number but pretty dismal in terms of quality and longevity.

    Anna Conclusion

    Anna Bingo is a site that looks passable on first glance. One second and third glance it becomes apparent just how rotten this site is. It doesn't matter where you are based, be it the UK, Sweden, Norway or Finland, you can do so much better than this dismal site. Customer service appears to be slim to non-existent, the design is terrible, the English is terrible, it is impossible to make out entire pages of the site and certain sections such as the banking page are completely missing. There is also the fact that the promotions are ambiguous and it is completely unclear which players from which countries can or cannot play here. In case this wasn't abundantly clear, you really don't want to play at Anna Bingo. This site sucks.


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